Classical Mechanics Previous Year Question Papers [Msc Physics Delhi University]

So I enrolled myself in the M.Sc Physics Programme of the University of Delhi this year(2016).
Needless to say it hasn’t been an easy ride. The professors are good but the exams are just way too tough. Even getting 60% is a tough job.
But still to prepare yourself well for the exams I would STRONGLY suggest that you thoroughly go through the previous year question papers (that I am providing here) of all the subjects to get an idea about the questions format.

Here I have attached the Previous year question papers of Classical Mechanics which is taught in the First Semester. The files are in PDF format.

2016: Classical Mechanics 2016 Question Paper DU Msc Physics

2015: Classical Mechanics 2015 Question Paper DU Msc Physics

2014: Classical Mechanics 2014 Question Paper DU Msc Physics

2013: Classical Mechanics 2013 Question Paper DU Msc Physics

2012: Classical Mechanics 2012 Question Paper DU Msc Physics

2010: Classical Mechanics 2010 Question Paper DU Msc Physics

2009: Classical Mechanics 2009 Question Paper DU Msc Physics

*Previous Year Papers  of Quantum Mechanics-I
*Previous Year Papers  of Electromagnetic Theory
*Previous Year Papers  of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Hope you found these useful.
Don’t forget to share them with your friends.

If you have any questions regarding the course, hit me up in the comments section down below.


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7 thoughts on “Classical Mechanics Previous Year Question Papers [Msc Physics Delhi University]

  1. Can you please provide me last 5 year questionpaper of physics entrance paper conducted by du.

  2. Hi Manas
    I have enrollred in MA Private Maths.There is one subject Mechanics of Solids.I have searched a lot in internet regarding previous year quastion papers but i didn’t find.
    Can you help me or can you send some link .
    My email id: [email protected]

  3. Hello sir!
    I am also pursuing Msc physics from DU, admitted this year 2020
    Suggest me the best way of preparation for exams…

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