by Manas Sharma (Phys Whiz)

CrysX is a set of crystallographic tools available as apps / applications for Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and MacOs devices. The tools are extremely handy for physics students, physicists and scientists working in the field of condensed matter physics. Computer softwares have long been used by crystallographers and condensed matter physicists to assist them in research. However, most of these softwares are only limited to traditional computer based operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. Nowadays, when smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life and their processing power easily matches that of home computers from a decade ago, it would be highly favorable to have such applications on tablets and mobile devices. Moreover, the easy-to-use interface along with high-quality tutorials makes using the apps really easy and makes a strong case for use as teaching aids in various courses such as solid state physics, nanoscience, etc.

CrysX is always under development and regularly gets updates with newer features and bug-fixes. In addition to the currently available tools and apps, newer tools are always being developed and will be available for download from this page.

Currently, CrysX consists of two major tools:

  1. CrysX: 3D Viewer
  2. CrysX: Powder Diffraction Simulator

CrysX: 3D Viewer

The crystal visualizer tool is available for Windows, Android and Linux devices. (iOS and MacOS apps are ready but require a $100 fee yearly for publishing to App Store, so looking for small donations). The visualizer enables the users to open popular .cif format files, to visualize the crystal structures of any compound. Even molecular structures can be visualized by opening either of the popular formats are .xyz and .mol. The visualizer is built using a gaming engine (Unity3d) ensuring stellar, never-before seen graphics on any other molecule/crystal visualizer. This makes the app really useful for researchers to prepare illustrations and figures for their research papers, thesis and dissertation. The app lets the users visualize lattice planes, and draw vectors to indicate electric/magnetic fields. Users can model supercells, monolayers (thin film/quantum well) or quantum dots. One can also edit the structures to create a vacancy or introduce an impurity. There is also a feature that lets you draw your own custom 3D molecule/ nanocluster. Structures can also be analyzed by measuring the bond angles and lengths. Although, the app is quite straight-forward to use, high quality YouTube tutorials and documentation will get you up to speed in no time. If you find a bug or have any queries or want to request a feature you can post your question here: with the tag ‘CrysX‘.

Download Links:

Android: APK  /  Play Store

Windows: 64-bit Installer

Linux: 64-bit


CrysX: Powder Diffraction Simulator