Introducing RIPER-Tools: Your Ultimate DFT Calculation Assistant

In the realm of computational chemistry and materials science, precision and efficiency are paramount. Researchers engaged in Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations using the TURBOMOLE software suite, especially its RIPER module, now have access to a valuable tool that simplifies and streamlines their work – RIPER-Tools.

RIPER-Tools is a versatile web application that simplifies the process of setting up DFT calculations using the RIPER module in TURBOMOLE. This tool has been designed with the user in mind, offering a wide range of features that streamline your workflow and save you valuable time.

A Closer Look at RIPER-Tools

RIPER-Tools is a multifaceted platform that offers researchers a range of capabilities to facilitate their DFT calculations:

1. Input File Generation

A prominent feature of RIPER-Tools is its capacity to generate input files for the RIPER module within TURBOMOLE. Users can seamlessly create these input files by selecting materials from the Materials Project database or molecules from the PubChem database. This feature significantly simplifies the input file creation process and ensures the accuracy of the calculations.

2. File Format Conversion

Dealing with various file formats, such as CIF, XYZ, POSCAR, CAR, and PWSCF, can be cumbersome. RIPER-Tools alleviates this challenge by enabling the effortless conversion of these formats into the RIPER format. This functionality greatly facilitates the integration of TURBOMOLE into existing workflows.

3. Output File Analysis

Beyond input file generation, RIPER-Tools assists in the analysis and debugging of RIPER output files. Researchers can swiftly identify and address any issues that may arise during calculations, streamlining the overall process.

4. Density of States Visualization

Visualizing the density of states is crucial for comprehending the electronic structure of materials. RIPER-Tools offers a straightforward tool for visualizing the density of states.

5. Advanced Calculations

For researchers undertaking more advanced DFT calculations, RIPER-Tools supports the creation of input files for band structure calculations and Real-Time Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory (RT-TDDFT) simulations, expanding its utility to a broader range of applications.

6. Comprehensive Support

Whether you are a newcomer to RIPER or require assistance, RIPER-Tools offers access to a wealth of resources, including examples, keywords, references, and tutorials related to RIPER. This comprehensive support ensures that users have access to the necessary information to maximize the tool’s utility.

Navigating RIPER-Tools

Accessing RIPER-Tools is straightforward. Users can visit the RIPER-Tools web app to explore its user-friendly interface. The sidebar menu simplifies navigation, allowing users to access various features effortlessly.

The Mind Behind RIPER-Tools

RIPER-Tools was initially conceived and developed by Manas Sharma, a PhD student under the guidance of Professor Dr. Marek Sierka, the CEO of TURBOMOLE. Manas’ research centers on developing codes and methods for modeling the light-matter interaction of hybrid systems. His experience with RIPER served as the foundation for the creation of RIPER-Tools.

To learn more about Manas Sharma and his work, visit his personal website here.

Collaborative Efforts

While Manas Sharma initiated the development of RIPER-Tools, the project has also benefited from contributions by Ya-Fan Chen. This collaborative spirit within the scientific community underscores the commitment to making computational tools more accessible and efficient.

Accessing RIPER-Tools

RIPER-Tools can be accessed at, and the GitHub repository is available at

In conclusion, RIPER-Tools emerges as a valuable asset for researchers and scientists engaged in DFT calculations with TURBOMOLE. Its comprehensive features render it an indispensable addition to your computational toolkit. Whether you are a seasoned TURBOMOLE user or just embarking on your DFT journey, RIPER-Tools offers a practical solution to enhance your workflow. Give it a try, and experience the benefits firsthand.

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