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The following is the documentation for CrysX: Crystallographic Tools v 1.0

For the documentations of CrysX-3D Viewer and CrysX-AR, visit and respectively.


CrysX is a set of crystallographic tools available as apps / applications for Android devices. The tools are extremely handy for physics students, physicists and scientists working in the field of condensed matter physics. Computer softwares have long been used by crystallographers and condensed matter physicists to assist them in research. However, most of these softwares are only limited to traditional computer based operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. Nowadays, when smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life and their processing power easily matches that of home computers from a decade ago, it would be highly favorable to have such applications on tablets and mobile devices. Moreover, the easy-to-use interface along with high-quality tutorials makes using the apps really easy and makes a strong case for use as teaching aids in various courses such as solid state physics, nanoscience, etc.

CrysX is always under development and regularly gets updates with newer features and bug-fixes. In addition to the currently available tools and apps, newer tools are always being developed and will be available for download from this page.

Application Details

Download and Installation:

CrysX: Crystallographic Tools is available as a .apk file for the Android platform. The .apk file can be downloaded from here or installed directly from the Google Play Store. The advantage of installing it from the Google Play Store is that the app will get updated automatically. However, if you do download it from the former link, then you might have to enable a setting to ‘Allow apps from external sources’ in your Android settings, to be able to install it successfully.


The app version 1.0 contains the Following Features:

  1. Powder X-Ray Diffraction Simulator
  2. Atomic Form Factor Calculator
  3. Interplanar Spacing Calculator
  4. Crystallite Size Calculator
  5. Space Group Decoder
  6. Custom CIF Creator
  7. CrysX – 3D Viewer (via an external app)
  8. CrysX – AR (via an external app)
  9. Equation of State Fitter
  10. Periodic Table
  11. Molar Mass Calculator

Report a Bug:

You can report a bug by either leaving a review on the Google Play Store, or leaving a comment here, or reaching out to the developer via email: [email protected]

Request a Feature:

You can request a feature by either leaving a review on the Google Play Store, or leaving a comment here, or reaching out to the developer via email: [email protected]

Usage Instructions, Tips and Examples


Open Source Libraries

The app uses the following open source libraries, and the developer thanks the awesome community:

  1. Fancy Button
  2. Fancy About Page
  3. mX

Special Notes


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