portrait picture of manas sharma physicistI’m Manas Sharma, the one behind this blog/website (www.bragitoff.com).

I’m a physicist who is currently a Ph.D. student in the Computational Materials Science group of Prof. Dr. Marek Sierka.

I like coding, gaming, and creating YouTube videos on Physics and related topics.

Through this website, I try to share my codes, tutorials, applications, videos, and other information that may be useful for those in my and related fields.

Some of my special achievements in my academic and research career are:

  • Developing and implementing density functional embedding theory within the extremely popular TURBOMOLE program package.
  • Developing an efficient and easy-to-use neural network library for Python from scratch – CrysX-NN.
  • Developing a suite of Android, Computer, and Web apps under the name ‘CrysX’ that provide various functionalities like:
    (a) High quality molecular and crystal visualizations,
    (b) Augmented reality (AR) visualization of molecules and crystals,
    (c) Chemical file format conversions, Basis set conversions, modeling of chemical structures, etc.
  • Running a popular YouTube channel (15k subs) as well as an Instagram page (25k followers) by the name of ‘Phys Whiz’.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/manassharma07

GitHub: https://github.com/manassharma07

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Bragitoff_physics

Instagram (Personal): https://www.instagram.com/ducktape07/

Instagram (Phys Whiz): https://www.instagram.com/___physwhiz___

Facebook (Personal): http://facebook.com/ducktape07

Facebook (BragitOff): https://www.facebook.com/bragitoff

Facebook (Phys Whiz):  https://www.facebook.com/physwhizforum

Contact me via Email through the form below:



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