Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in SCILAB

Scilab has an inbuilt function called spec(A) to calculate the Eigenvalues of a Matrix A.
If you type,
where d is a diagonal matrix which contains the eigen-values,
and c is a matrix that stores the eigen-vectors as it’s columns.

The following code illustrates the use of the function spec(A) to print the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of Matrices.

//Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions
disp(spec(A),"The Eigen-values of matrix A are:");
disp(c,"The corresponding Eigen-vectors of matrix A is:");
disp(spec(B),"The Eigen-values of matrix B are:");
disp(e,"The corresponding Eigen-vectors of matrix B is:");
disp(spec(C),"The Eigen-values of matrix C are:");
disp(g,"The corresponding Eigen-vectors of matrix C is:");




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