DU- Physics Honours III year Question Papers

Given below are the question papers for the Physics Hons. students of Delhi University in pdf formats.
Note: These were held for the 3rd year students(v semester) in 2015.
These papers were for the erstwhile FYUP batch of Physics Hons.

Quantum Mechanics & Applications-I:
27 November 2015: quantum_mechanics paper.pdf  <—- Click to Download pdf

Electromagnetic Theory :
2 December 2015: Electromagnetic theory paper 2015 physics.pdf <—- Click to Download pdf

Physics of Devices and Instruments:
5 December 2015: Physics of devices and instruments paper.pdf<—- Click to Download pdf

Computer Programming & Numerical Analysis:
9 December 2015:<—- Click to Download pdf

Preparing for Delhi University Semester Exams is a pain in the ass. No one can tell what to expect. But what one can do is prepare oneself for anything. The best way to anticipate the questions, however, is to study the previous years papers. Another way in which you can prepare yourself is to solve the previous papers. What you can do is to try to complete the syllabus well before the exams and then improve your writing skills by completely solving the papers. This will teach you time management and will be a good exercise for the real thing. Here I have compiled some of the Question papers of Physics Honors.

I am a Physics Major myself.

Good Luck for your exams.

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