Mathematical Physics- III (Semester IV) – FYUP 2015

Date of Examination: 14th May 2015

Syllabus: Complex Numbers, Fourier Transform and Laplace Transform, Taylor and Laurent Series

Download Link; Mathematical Physics III (Sem IV)- 2015 DU

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PhD researcher at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany. I'm a physicist specializing in theoretical, computational and experimental condensed matter physics. I like to develop Physics related apps and softwares from time to time. Can code in most of the popular languages. Like to share my knowledge in Physics and applications using this Blog and a YouTube channel.
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One thought on “Mathematical Physics- III (Semester IV) – FYUP 2015

  1. Cn u please upload the mathematical physics 4, Semester 6, Fyup batch.. Need to give test in a few days.. ur help will be highly apprecaitaed.

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