Clamour (alt. spelling: Clamor)

(noun) Meaning: loud, irritating noises especially by people
Modifications: (verb) a group of people shouting loudly and creating a cacophony


clamoring crowd protesting for freedom hd
image sentence: The crowd clamored on the streets for freedom in Venzuela.

image sentence: The crowd clamored on the streets for freedom in Venzuela.

concert crowd clamor
image sentence: The crowd clamored when Justin Bieber sang his hit song, ‘Baby’.

image sentence: The crowd clamored when they say Justin Bieber sang his hit song, ‘Baby’.

Synonyms: din, racket, yelling, screaming, uproar

Antonyms: Silence, calm, peace

Other sentences with the word clamour in them/ How to use ‘clamor’ in a sentence?
1. A clamor on the street caught everyone’s attention.
2. There is a growing clamor for reform in India.
3. The people clamored for justice for the innocent by wrongly accused of murder.
4. Small kids are always clamoring for attention.
5. The clamour of the frightened birds was deafening.
6. The protestors outside the building got frustrated and decided to clamor for attention.
7. The hungry crowd clamoured for food.
8. The concert attendees began to clamor when the band didn’t show up.
9. The clamor of the children at play outside made it impossible for her to take a nap.
10. The soccer fans clamored for season tickets when they heard that their favourite player was returning.

First known use/Origin: 1611

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