Where and How much do you need to invest to have your own website?

Had an interesting conversation with my classmate today. He is interested in computer and stuff so he approached me regarding a confusion in his mind. He told me that he wanted to create his website as he was inspired by my blog. But he didn’t really know where to start from. He said that he had been surfing through the endlessly but still he was a little blurry on what exactly would he need.

So I guess in this blog I will be telling you about my experience and share my knowledge with you. Cause I am sure there are many people like him who want to start out their own venture in web publishing.

Let me cover the process in steps:

Step 1: You need your very own Domain Name: How to get one? That’s easy. You can use many websites out there like godaddy, hostgator

webhosting domain confusion

or bigrock to register a domain name for your website. It will cost at around $10(Rs.600) /year.
Once you have a domain you are all set for the next step.


(What is a domain name? –Well it’s the web address of your site. For ex: When you want to go to google you type in ‘www.google.com’, where ‘google.com’ is the domain name.)

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Step 2: Hosting: Where the heck do you want to point your domain to? Your website has to be on a computer with an internet access so that others can view it. Getting a server and a high speed internet connection can be costly enough, let alone the technical difficulties of setting up your girl confused web hosting domainown server. Lucky enough for you and most of us, there are companies and websites that provide cheap hosting plans. You can get almost a 100 GB space with an unlimited bandwidth and unlimited e-mail addresses for approximately $60 (Rs. 3600) / month from godadddy/bigrock.

(What is Bandwidth and how much storage space do you really need? – You can check out this link of one of my blog posts to get the answers to all your questions related to hosting here.)

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Step 3: Correct DNS settings: If you buy the hosting and the domain name from the same website than you probably won’t need to update the DNS settings and your name servers. But in case you have bought them from different companies for some reasons, then you will have to adjust your name servers and DNS settings. I can’t explain the whole process here as it will take the article in a totally another direction. Click here to read the entire process in a step by step manner illustrated using pictures.

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Hopefully I have cleared some doubts in your mind about Webs Publishing. If you have any questions or want to share something regarding this topic, use the comment box below.

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