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I am a Physics student and a self-taught Web Developer, programmer and Guitarist. I have over 2 years of experience designing and developing websites. I strive to make each project unique and perfectly tailored for your vision and requirements.
If you want a website for your store/school/ a bakery or you just want a personal/family website, I can provide you all solutions and services.

I am available for hire for the following services:

Website Design, Specializing in WordPress Blogs

A basic WordPress package includes the following:

  • a main page and other pages (such as “About,” “Contact,” etc)
  • 10 design mock-ups to choose from
  • up to 3 revisions after coding begins
  • an extensive document with details on how to access and make changes to your site, all the necessary information needed to keep the site up and running, etc
  • full email support for up to 60 days after the site goes live

Prices starting at $400. (prices are negotiable)


À La Carte

Additional services including, but not limited to:

  • WordPress migration/installation
  • Coding services
  • C++/C/Java Programming and training
  • Digital greeting design (holiday cards, birth announcements, etc)
  • Website debugging
  • Basic programming training via Skype
  • WordPress training via Skype
  • Guitar training via Skype
  • Physics Tutorials and training via Skype till undergraduate level.

Prices starting at $20/hr.

Physics Tutorials and training

I am a Physics Major in Sophomore year, in the most prestigious institution of India, University of Delhi. I love studying and teaching Physics.
I can provide you a fun learning experience.

Services:  Special tutorial videos(2$ per 5 min video or 20$/hr Skype training)
Special Notes as per your need (10$ per 50 pages)   
Presentations and Physics Projects (10$ per presentation(7 min)) 
                                                             (100$ for undergraduate projects(negotiable depending on the project))

More samples of my work, as well as references, are available upon request. Would you like to request a quote? Please shoot me a message using my contact form.



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