Article on CrysX in Journal of Applied Crystallography [Summary]

Back in 2019, I published an article on CrysX [1], an application I developed that brings crystallography right to your Android device. As a pre-PhD researcher in the Department of Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Delhi, under the supervision of Dr. Debabrata Mishra, I created CrysX to provide crystallographers and enthusiasts with a powerful set of tools for computational modeling, molecular structure manipulation, and crystal structure determination.

CrysX consists of three Android apps: the parent app called CrysX – Crystallographic Tools, CrysX – 3D Viewer, and CrysX – AR. The parent app is packed with essential features like a powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) simulator, programs for peak identification and equation of state fitting, and other useful tools. With the 3D Viewer, you can visualize and model molecular and crystallographic structures, while the AR app takes crystal and molecule visualization to the next level with augmented reality technology.

One of the remarkable aspects of CrysX-3D Viewer is its exceptional graphics quality. The CrysX – Crystallographic Tools is developed using Java and Android Studio, the official integrated development environment from Google, while the CrysX – 3D Viewer and CrysX – AR are developed using the Unity gaming engine. Whether you’re a researcher performing multidisciplinary work or an educator teaching crystallography, CrysX provides the tools you need in a user-friendly package.

You can easily download CrysX from my website or the Google Play Store. It’s a valuable resource for researchers and educators alike, offering an array of features to support your crystallographic endeavors.


Article webpage: (IUCr) CrysX: crystallographic tools for the Android platform (

Article PDF: CrysX: crystallographic tools for the Android platform (

CrysX download links: CrysX –


[1] M. Sharma and D. Mishra, CrysX: Crystallographic Tools for the Android Platform, Journal of Applied Crystallography 52, 1449 (2019).

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