Performing SYMBOLIC/ANALYTICAL Integration or Differentiation using PYTHON [TUTORIAL]


#Differentiation and Integration using Python
import sympy as sp
#from sympy import *

#To change the printing method of SymPy Live

#Declare symbolic variables explicitly which are to be treated as symbols
x = sp.symbols('x')
y = sp.symbols('y')

#Indefinite Integration
integral = sp.integrate('1/sqrt(1-x*x)*1/sqrt(1-(1+x)**2)', x)

#Definite integration
#integral = sp.integrate('x**2 + x + 1', (x,0,1))

#Pretty print demo
sp.pprint(sp.Integral(x**2 + x + 1, x))

derivative = sp.diff('sin(x)', x)


YouTube Tutorial

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One thought on “Performing SYMBOLIC/ANALYTICAL Integration or Differentiation using PYTHON [TUTORIAL]

  1. sir,
    when I am relaxing a system, I actually expect an output file, .xml file and .save folder. but why am i getting .bfgs and .update files along with 40 other pwscf files (40 is number of processors) and output file is not giving the final coordinates. In some cases convergence have been achieved. Please help me

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