Alpha-Fe2O3 Synthesis by Sol-Gel Technique and Characterization [LAB MANUAL]

This semester, in the Nanoscience Lab, I was required to prepare alpha-Fe2O3(Hematite) by sol-gel method for my first experiment. This was a great experience as I learned a lot of new stuff and got to use cool instruments during the labs. Using my knowledge, and whatever I learnt, I have tried to create a detailed lab manual for the experiment for future students.

Alpha-Fe2O3 (Cell)


To prepare alpha-Fe2O3 nanoparticles by sol-gel technique and study the effect of different annealing temperatures and heating times on the crystallite size using the peak widths of the diffractograms(XRD) of the differently prepared

Version 2

Here I am attaching a PDF version of the Lab Manual that I created. This is the version 2.0.
It contains observations about all the 4 samples. However, there are still some things that I need to add like the interplanar spacings and lattice parameter calculations and some info in the Results and Discussion section.
Download: PDFfe2o3 xrd compressed ver 2

Version 1

Currently, the manual contains info about 2 samples, but it will be updated soon.
Here I am attaching a PDF version of the Lab Manual that I created. This is the version 1.0.
It contains information about 2 samples.
fe2o3 xrd

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