Sine Series Finite Sum – C PROGRAM

In the last post, I discussed about how would one go about calculating the sum of a finite series using C.

In this post I will apply that method, to find the sum of the Sine series for only a finite number of terms.

Sine series is given by:
\sin (x) = x-\frac{x^3}{3!} + \frac{x^5}{5!} - ....

We will start the numbering the terms from 0. That is, t_0=x , t_1=-\frac{x^3}{3!} , ….

It’s easy to see that the ratio between consecutive terms is given by:


Since, we indexed the terms starting from 0, therefore, for the above relation to work, i will go from 1 to n .

[Hint: To find the general form of the ratio given in the above expression, try writing down t1/t0, t2/t1,…and then you would be able to see the ratio.]

Now, knowing the first(t_0 ) term, the successive terms can be calculated as :

t_1=R\times t_0

t_2=R\times t_1

and so on.

Therfore, the C program that calculates the sum of the sin series upto a given number of terms can be written as shown below.


******FINITE SERIES SUM**********
Series: sin(x) = x - (x^3/3!) + (x^5/5!) + ..... 
	int i,n;
	double x,t0,t1,R,sum;
	printf("Enter the value of x:\n");
	printf("Enter the no. of terms to be summed: ");
	//Initialize First Term
	//Make sum equal to the first term
		//Find the ratio of the second term to the first term using already known relation
		//Calculate the second term
		//find the new sum
	printf("\nThe sum is: %f",sum);

The program also prints the value of each term(except the first(t_0 ) term) and sum(partial) upto that term.


The output of the above program for various values of x and no. of terms is shown below:

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