Complete list of commands/queries that Celesse responds to – Celesse Android App

Celesse is a Digital Assistant for Scientists and Engineers.
It reacts to voice or written commands/queries.


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Celesse is in a budding stage, and expected to become more and more powerful and wiser with future updates.
It is different from the existing Digital Assistants, like Cortana and Siri, in that it is especially designed for Scientists and Engineers.
It is a really geeky Digital Assistant.

The following is the complete comprehensive list of the commands and queries that would result in some kind of a meaningful response from Celesse a digital Voice Assistant for Android.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your name?
  3. What are you?
  4. How are you?
  5. How are you doing?
  6. How you going?
  7. How is it going?
  8. How old are you?
  9. What is your age?
  10. Tell me your age.
  11. Who made you?
  12. Who’s your creator?
  13. Who created you?
  14. Who’s your inventor?
  15. Tell me a joke.
  16. Tell a joke.
  17. Tell me a Science joke.
  18. Tell me a Physics joke.
  19. Amuse me.
  20. What is the phase of the moon today?
  21. What is the phase of the moon?
  22. What is the moon phase?
  23. How does the moon look today?
  24. How bright is the moon today?
  25. What is 5 + 9?
  26. What is 7 – 12?
  27. What is 4 times 5?
  28. What is 8 divided by 4?
  29. What is the electronegativity of Nitrogen(or any other element name)?
  30. What is the atomic number of Carbon(or any other element name)?
  31. What is the atomic mass of Oxygen(or any other element name)?
  32. What is the group number of Helium(or any other element name)?
  33. What is the period of Chlorine(or any other element name)?
  34. What is the melting point of Fluorine(or any other element name)?
  35. Tell me a quote.
  36. Tell me a Science quote.
  37. Tell me about Black Holes(or any other topic).
  38. Who was  Neils Bohr(or any other personality)?
  39. What are Bosons?

More commands/queries support will be added with future updates. Some of the existing features maybe buggy or not work as expected. But it is only the first version of the app, and I will keep rolling out updates.
If you liked it, then do leave a rating and a review. I would appreciate some feedback and suggestions for future versions.

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