Animating Views (TextView, EditTexts, Buttons, etc) -Android Development

Adding basic animations to views such as a TextView, ImageView, EditTexts, etc is now very easy, thanks to the amazing library by daimajia.

The GIF below shows the some of the animations you can achieve using this library.

The best part is that the library is published under the MIT license.

Using it is very easy.

Step 1:

Add the following dependencies to your GRADLE file.

dependencies {
        compile ''
        compile 'com.daimajia.easing:library:[email protected]'
        compile 'com.daimajia.androidanimations:library:[email protected]'

MAVEN users can add the following:


Step 2:

Once you have added the dependencies, adding animations is a piece of cake.


where Tada is the animation name, and edit_area is the id of the view you want to animate.

You can choose from the following animations:



Flash, Pulse, RubberBand, Shake, Swing, Wobble, Bounce, Tada, StandUp, Wave


Hinge, RollIn, RollOut,Landing,TakingOff,DropOut


BounceIn, BounceInDown, BounceInLeft, BounceInRight, BounceInUp


FadeIn, FadeInUp, FadeInDown, FadeInLeft, FadeInRight
FadeOut, FadeOutDown, FadeOutLeft, FadeOutRight, FadeOutUp


FlipInX, FlipOutX, FlipOutY


RotateIn, RotateInDownLeft, RotateInDownRight, RotateInUpLeft, RotateInUpRight
RotateOut, RotateOutDownLeft, RotateOutDownRight, RotateOutUpLeft, RotateOutUpRight


SlideInLeft, SlideInRight, SlideInUp, SlideInDown
SlideOutLeft, SlideOutRight, SlideOutUp, SlideOutDown


ZoomIn, ZoomInDown, ZoomInLeft, ZoomInRight, ZoomInUp
ZoomOut, ZoomOutDown, ZoomOutLeft, ZoomOutRight, ZoomOutUp

The whole library is available on GitHub.

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