Curve Fit- Tools [ANDROID APP]

Welcome to Curve Fit – Tools

Curve Fit – Tools helps you find out the best fit to a curve using the Least Squares Approximation Method.

You can find an exponential, linear or a polynomial fit for any curve.

Curve Fit- Tools is better than most of the apps in the Play Store that let you do the same things for a variety of reasons.

  1. With Curve Fit you can virtually input unlimited amount of data.
  2. You can use potentially any degree polynomial you want.
  3. You can save your data to a csv file which can later on be opened by MS Excel or any other software of your choice.
  4. The graphs are very neat and zoomable.
  5. The algorithms are fast and ensure quick processing.
  6. More features will be added even though it already out performs most other apps.

The results of the app were cross checked with a lot of existing softwares for a variety of data sets and the results were uniform.


PhD researcher at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany. I'm a physicist specializing in computational material science. I write efficient codes for simulating light-matter interactions at atomic scales. I like to develop Physics, DFT and Machine Learning related apps and softwares from time to time. Can code in most of the popular languages. Like to share my knowledge in Physics and applications using this Blog and a YouTube channel.
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