Which College of Delhi University is RIGHT for You? (Making an Informed Decision Guide)

Now that the board results are out, and all of a sudden your relatives and cousins are showing an awful lot of interest in your education, what must really be going through your mind is, “What next?

Well I can’t really help you much there, but if you’re thinking about joining the University of Delhi, than you need to read this article.

But the thing is DU is not just one college. There are more than 30 colleges that come under DU.
And if you are clearing the cut-off of more than one college, then you’re gonna be in some serious confusion.

In this post I will help you, mainly from my experience, how to choose the best college for you.

1. Choose the subject/course which you want to pursue at Delhi University.
It would help if instead of just one, you have a first choice subject and a back-up choice Justin case.

2. Don’t wait for the cut-offs. Get yourself ready now by checking the previous year cut-offs for your preferred subject(s).

Here are the last year cut-offs to help you make an informed decision.

Cut-Offs 2015

2014 Cutoffs: Science  Arts-Commerce

3. Short-list the colleges whose cut-offs you clear and would consider studying there.

Start straight away with your research about that college. Find out about the teachers and infra-structure for your preferred subjects over there.

5. Check out the rankings of the colleges.

Here are the college rankings as per ‘India Today’s Survey’ to help you out:

commerce college rankings delhi university 2016 arts college rankings delhi university 2016 science colleges rank delhi university 2016

By now you must have narrowed down to 2 or 3 colleges, hence you are READY and INFORMED to make the best decision.

Now just sit back, relax and wait for the cut-offs. Maybe go on a vacation.

students-college campus chatting

And when the cut-offs are released all you need to check is if you are clearing the cut-offs for your preferred colleges or not.

If you have any confusion or query regarding this post, just comment below and let me know.
I will definitely reply with an answer.
Best of Luck.

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