Downloading and Installing Scilab Toolboxes

A toolbox/module is a kind of an extension for Scilab which adds new functionality which wasn’t there already.
The best part is that even we can conotribute to Scilab and help make it better this way.

The toolboxes can be found on the link:

More information on ATOMS is available here:
They are categorized into various topics.
Installation instructions:
  1. Click on a link and download the toolboxes.(it will probably be a zip file)
  2. Run Scilab and type:  atomsInstall(‘path of the zip file you downladed’)
  3. Make sure you’re connected to the internet or the command may return an error.
  4. Once the module is installed, you can load it by typing: atomsLoad(‘modulename’)
  5. Or you can just restart Scilab and it will load automatically.
  6. Once the module is loaded you will receive a welcome message.
  7. Then you can enjoy using it and even refer to the help browser for more information on it, by typing: “help modulename”

If you still did not get it then watch the following video demonstration:


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