Trapezoidal Rule Integration SCILAB CODE(Program/Macro)

The following is the code for evaluating a definite integral of a given function by a Numerical Method called Trapezoidal Rule.


//Trapezoidal Rule 
//Evaluates the definite integral of a function f(x), from a to b.
//Written By: Manas Sharma(
function ans=trapez(a, b, n, f)//function definition of simpson
    for i=1:n-1

You can either copy the code above and save it as a .sci file or download the file . Once you run the code, the function ‘trapez(a,b,n,f)’ can be called by other programs or even in the console.

Function syntax:



a=initial limit(real no.)
b=final limit(real no.)
n=no. of sub-intervals(the higher the value of ‘n’ the better is the result.

The following code snippet evaluates the integral of 1/(1+x^2) from 0 to 2.

trapezoidal integration scilab

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  1. I have a mathlab program to convert it on scilab..I’m not able to do that can you please check once..???

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