Plotting the First 6 LEGENDRE Polynomials using Scilab

To work with Legendre Polynomials we use the Scilab function legendre(n,m,x).

Which basically returns the value of the Associated Legendre Polynomial for a given value of m,n and x.
However, since I only wanted Legendre Polynomials so I’ll have to put m=0.

The following code calculates and plots the first six Legendre Polynomials for x=-1 to x=1.

//Legendre Polynomials 
//The following codes prints the first six Legendre Polynomials(P0,P1,P2,...P5).
plot2d(x,y,leg='[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]');
xtitle('The first six Legendre Polynomials')

The output:

legendre first 6 polynomials plot graph

Legendre Polynomials(lab college)

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5 thoughts on “Plotting the First 6 LEGENDRE Polynomials using Scilab

  1. Thanks a lot for such insightful videos and explanations. These programs proved to be extremely useful. I can’t thank you enough.

  2. Can you help me ? I tried to obtain the plot of five first Hermite polynomial using Scilab but I failed. If someone know it, please send the code

    1. I will try it if I get time. I can’t promise anything though, as I am very occupied these days.

  3. Got some help with Legendre Polynomial. Thank you very much. Need some help with — Second order Differential Equation
    • Harmonic oscillator (no friction)
    • Damped Harmonic oscillator
    • Over damped
    • Critical damped
    • Oscillatory
    • Forced Harmonic oscillator
    in scilab
    thanks in advance. My mail is [email protected]

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