Hitman BETA Gameplay Footage [PC]


The Hitman Beta pre-loading has already started as of 18th February 2016, and the BETA is now playable as of 19th February(NOT SURE ABOUT THE EXACT TIME).

So I pre-purchased the game from Steam, and played it for a while. Here is the gameplay that I have recorded. I am away from home right now so I played it on my Laptop, which is not very high spec, so bear with for the lower quality.


The System Specs on which the game was recorded were:

  • i7 4510U
  • 840M 2GB Nvidia
  • 8 gigs Memory(DDR3)
  • 5400RPM(HDD)

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Also the beta version download size was around 3.7gigs on steam.

hitmanThings to know:

  • Considering that Hitman games in the past have been single-player experiences, it’s odd that you will need a persistent Internet connection to play the Hitman beta. Hopefully this will not be the case when the full game is available next month.
  • Unlike previous Hitman titles, the reboot will be released in episodic fashion, with the first entry focusing on the prologue missions and Paris location. From there, Square Enix will publish new content every month.

If you’re wondering if you could run the game or not, then here are the Official System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870
  • DirectX: Version 11

And here’s a look at the recommended specs:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 (8.1) or Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i7-3770 3.4GHz / AMD FX-8350 4GHz
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 / Radeon R9 290
  • DirectX: Version 11

You can see that my laptop is a little behind the requirements when it comes to the GPU.
So you can have an idea regarding how the game would run on your PC, by watching the video.

Do you plan on playing the Hitman beta? Let me know via the comments

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