Physics of Devices and Instruments- Question Paper 2015[Fifth Sem Physics Honors Delhi University]

The paper of ‘Physics of Devices and Instruments’ for the fifth semester(third year) students of the course Physics Hons. of Delhi University.

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The paper was held on 5th  December 2015.

This particular paper was taught for the first time only to the erstwhile FYUP students.
I kinda liked the subject but couldn’t answer all the questions in the exam as it was very tough.
Most of the questions seemed out of syllabus.

I can only hope for lenient marking.

This questions from this paper can also be used to prepare for the subject, Analog Devices, Instrumentation as well as Communication, as it was a hybrid of all the three.

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The syllabus for the paper was:

Devices: Characteristic and Equivalent Circuits of UJT and JFET. Metal-semiconductor and metal
oxide semiconductor junctions. MOSFET– their frequency limits. Enhancement and Depletion Mode
MOSFETS, Charge coupled devices. (13 Lectures)
Power supply and Filters: Block Diagram of a Power Supply, Qualitative idea of C and L Filters. IC
Regulators, Line and load regulation, Short circuit protection (3 Lectures)
Active and Passive Filters, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and band Reject Filters. (4 Lectures)
Multivibrators: Astable and Monostable Multivibrators using transistors. (2 Lectures)
Phase Locked Loop (PLL): Basic Principles, Phase detector (XOR and edge triggered), Voltage
Controlled Oscillator (Basics, varactor). Loop Filter – Function, Loop Filter Circuits, transient
response, lock and capture. Basic idea of PLL IC (565 or 4046). (4 Lectures)
Transducers and Sensors (Working principle, efficiency, applications): Active and passive transducers.
Characteristics of Transducers. Transducers as electrical element and their signal conditioning.
Temperature transducers: RTD, Thermistor. Position transducer: Strain gauge, Piezoelectric
transducer. Inductance transducer: Linear variable differential transformer (LVDT), Capacitance
transducer. Magnetoresistive transducer. Radiation Sensors: Principle of gas filled detector, ionization
chamber, scintillation detector. (10 Lectures)
Introduction to communication systems: Block diagram of electronic communication system, Need for
modulation. Amplitude modulation. Modulation Index. Analysis of Amplitude Modulated wave.
Sideband frequencies in AM wave. CE Amplitude Modulator. Demodulation of AM wave using Diode
Detector. basic idea of Frequency, Phase, Pulse and Digital Modulation including ASK, PSK, FSK.
(12 lectures)
Reference Books:
 Physics of Semiconductor Devices, S.M. Sze & Know K. Ng, 3rd Ed., 2008, John Wiley and Sons
 Electronic devices and integrated circuits, Ajay Kumar Singh, 2011, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
 Op-Amps & Linear Integrated Circuits, R.A.Gayakwad,4th Ed., 2000, PHI Learning Pvt.Ltd.
 Electronic Devices and Circuits, A. Mottershead, 1998, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
 Electronic Communication systems, G. Kennedy, 1999, Tata McGraw Hill.
 Measurement, Instrumentation and Experiment Design in Physics & Engineering, M.Sayer and A.
Mansingh, 2005, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
 Introduction to Measurements & Instrumentation, A.K.Ghosh, 3rd Ed.,2009,PHI Learning Pvt.Ltd.
 Electronic Devices & circuit Theory, R.L. Boylestad and L.D. Nashelsky, 2009, Pearson India

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4 thoughts on “Physics of Devices and Instruments- Question Paper 2015[Fifth Sem Physics Honors Delhi University]

  1. What book/books would be best for preparation of this paper?

    1. I couldn’t find a book that had everything in the FYUP Syllabus. Instead I used different books for different topics. Some of those were: Floyd Electronic Devices and Circuits, Bolyestead, and a few more but I dont remember their names at the moment. I used the resources found on the Internet for a lot of topics.

  2. sem v physics of devices & physics book , advanced mathematical physics book hame chaye kaha se milega eya books Mai book ke liye Bokaro all pustakalay se puchye lakin kahi se nhi Mila kripa karke es book ko Mera mail per pustakalay ka address bhaje

  3. sem v physics of devices & instruments & advanced mathematical physics book mujhe chahey

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