Gaussian Elimination-(Lab Write-Up with Algorithm and FlowChart)

Here is the Lab Write Up for a C++ Program for Gaussian Elimination to solve a System of Linear Equations.
The Write-Up consists of Algorithm, Flow Chart, Program, and screenshots of the sample outputs.

You can download the pdf file here: gaussian_elemination pdf

The embedded document below will be visible properly only on a desktop/laptop device.
Mobile Users can either download the pdf file above or go to this link:

If you still have some doubts left watch the videos below for in-depth explanation of the code.

Tutorial Video:


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One thought on “Gaussian Elimination-(Lab Write-Up with Algorithm and FlowChart)

  1. What mean those intermediary OVALS in the FLOWCHART? They are in fact HEXAGONS ? I didnt see anywhere ovals used in the flowchart.

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