Eigen Value and Eigen Vector of a matrix by Iterative Method- C++ Program

using namespace std;
int main()
    int n,i,j;
    cout<<"\nEnter the order of the matrix:\n";        //Get the order of the square matrix
    double a[n][n],b[n],c[n],k,eps,y;            //declare arrays and other variables to be used
    cout<<"\nEnter the elements of matrix row-wise:\n";
    for (i=0;i>a[i][j];
    cout<<"\nEnter the initial values of the eigen-vector:\n";
    for (i=0;i>b[i];
    cout<<"\nEnter the accuracy desired:\n";       
    k=b[0];                            //Assign some initial value to the eigen value, 'k'
        for (i=0;ik?abs(c[i]):k;        //Find the largest element of c and assign it to k where k is the eigen value
        for (i=0;ieps);                    //Check if the error in eigen value is within the tolerance limit
    cout<<"The eigen-value is: "<
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Sample Output

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  1. Hi My name is Milad, I need code c++ for computing sparse matrix and Eigenvalue and eigenvector, can you help me?

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