C++ Program for Euler’s Method to solve an ODE(Ordinary Differential Equation)

//Eulers Method to solve a differential equation
using namespace std;
double df(double x, double y)            //function for defining dy/dx
    double a=x+y;                //dy/dx=x+y
    return a;
int main()
    int n;   
    double x0,y0,x,y,h;            //for initial values, width, etc.
    cout.precision(5);            //for precision
    cout<<"\nEnter the initial values of x and y respectively:\n";        //Initial values
    cout<<"\nFor what value of x do you want to find the value of y\n";   
    cout<<"\nEnter the width of the sub-interval:\n";            //input width
    cout<<"x"<0.0000001)        //I couldn't just write "while(x0

For dy/dx=-2x-y
euler 2 output
For dy/dx=x+y

Explanation of the Code:

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3 thoughts on “C++ Program for Euler’s Method to solve an ODE(Ordinary Differential Equation)

  1. Hello
    My son teacher have told them to program a program in C++ which can solve non-homogenous problems in differential eq. I tried best to teach him but couldnt solve it

    Can i have a program or tutorial?

  2. Hey ! Do you work as a freelancer? I need help with a project. Send me your email.

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