Digital Electronix- Windows App (Win 8.1 & WP 8.1)

This app aims to provide the fellow Electronics or Physics students with a utility tool for their Digital Electronics labs.

–>This app contains the pin diagrams and functions of almost all the useful ICs that one may require in their labs.

–>Moreover the app comes with common circuit diagrams so that the students don’t have to open their books or go to the internet every moment. The app contains info to calculate the resistance, capacitance, etc.

–>There are Digital electronics tutorial videos that one can access through this app.

You can get the app from here: Microsoft Store Page

The app is available for $0.99 only. But,

It has an absolutely unrestricted, unlimited free trial, for both mobile and PCs.
In case you like it, you can show your support by buying it. I would really appreciate it.


Mobile Screenshots:

Desktop Screenshots:

In case you find any issues while installing, or during usage, please report it here in the comments section below or in the review page of the store.
Please be patient and don’t give the app a bad rating unnecessarily.
If you face any problems or have a suggestion please contact me using the comments section below, and let me sort out the problem, before rating the app.

The app is available in the Microsoft Store.
You can get the app from here: Microsoft Store Page

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