C++ Program to evaluate an Definite Integral by Trapezoidal Rule

#include  //Header file for cin & cout
#include  //Header file for mathematical operartions
using namespace std;  //calling the standard directory

//Taking a function f(x)
float f(float(x))
return (pow(x,3)+pow(x,2)-(4*x)-5);

//Taking diffrentiation of f(x) i.e. g(x)
float g(float(x))
return (3*pow(x,2)+2*x-4);

//Taking double diffrentiation of f(x) i.e. h(x)
float h(float(x))
return (6*x+4);

int main()  //Main Program
long double a,b,d,i,n,I=0,J=0,A,K=0,E=0;
cout<<" Given f(x)= x^3 + 2x^2 - 4x - 5 "<>a;
cout<<"Enter Upper Limit "<>b;
cout<<"Enter the number of intervals : "<>n;

//Steps of solving by Trapezoidal Rule


Given f(x)= x^3 + 2x^2 - 4x - 5
Enter lower limit
Enter Upper Limit
Enter the number of intervals :
The Value of integral under the enterd limits is :
The Total Error is :

Note - The following programs are coded for Linux (Knoppix) Operating System. For windows do the following changes

change '#include ' to '#include ' & same to all other header files.
Delete 'using namespace std;'.
At the end of main method type return 0;.
Then save it and run it in Turbo C++ or any other software.

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