Algorithm for Gauss Elimination Method

  • Start
  • Declare the variables and read the order of the matrix n.
  • Take the coefficients of the linear equations as:
    Do for k=1 to n
    Do for j=1 to n+1
    Read a[k][j]
    End for j
    End for k
  • Do for k=1 to n-1
    Do for i=k+1 to nDo for j=k+1 to n+1
    End for j
    End for i
    End for k
  • Compute x[n]=a[n][n+1]/a[n][n]
  • Do for k=n-1 to 1
    Do for j=k+1 to nsum=sum+a[k][j]*x[j]
    End for j
    End for k
  • Display the result x[k]
  • Stop

Flow Chart:

gauss elimination method flowchart and algorithm

gauss elimination method flowchart and algorithm2

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One thought on “Algorithm for Gauss Elimination Method

  1. What mean in the flowchart those intermediary OVALS? They are in fact Hexagons?

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