Life is Strange-Episode 1 Chrysalis Reviews and Walkthrough

Life is Strange(Episode 1) Review by Manas Sharma:

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I played this game quite recently and absolutely loved it. I usually like and look for games that have a story to tell, not just see and kill. I never skip through the cutscenes as I greatly enjoy the story telling in the games. That is why I absolutely love Life is Strange. Cause usually the story/plot of the game is predetermined and we are just experiencing it. But this title by Square Enix is takes into account user choices and actions. And every choice/decision that we make impacts the gameplay and has a crucial consequence. Square Enix introduced this concept mildly in the Deus Ex(Missing Link) game, where we had to choose between saving some 100 or thousand prisoners or a Doctor( I chose the prisoners BTW), which impacted the ending. But Life is Strange totally takes the concept to a New Level.

We experience the game through the eyes of a regular shy/introvert teen-age girl named Max. She loves Photography and is all geeky. But wait, the best part is that she can F***ing control time. Yeah you heard it correctly. She can rewind/ go back in time. Moreover she also has some visions from the future. Yeah a complete Freak she is.

Anyway, as the game progresses we come to know that her life isn’t SO regular and she gets involved in ‘some pretty good’ drama at the school. ‘What do I mean by that?’, you ask? Well she walks into the bathroom to freshen up from a rough day, only to witness some Rich/Important guy/student threatening and pointing a gun at her long lost friend, ‘I don’t remember the name’. And he shoots her too. But since Max can reverse time she goes back in time and saves her ass by tripping the Fire alarm. This is how she gets caught up in a lot of Drama and action at the school.

After that we have to make some choices one after the other through the course of the game which impact the story so I am not going to mention/tell the rest of the story. I have recorded the gameplay. You can check it out for three reasons:

1. In case you haven’t played the game and want to find out how it is.

2. If you have played the game want to find out the other possible choices and their consequences.

3. You just want TO ENJOY THE STORY. Cause honestly it just feels like a Movie or a TV series for that matter.

Here is my Walkthrough of the Episode 1:




***NOTE*** The Episode 2 of the game just came out on 23rd March. I haven’t got it yet. But I will be making a walkthrough about it soon.

Till then, Adios Gamers!

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