TTL ICs 74xx Series Appendix: Pin Out Diagrams

Here is a list of ICs(Integrated Circuits of the series 74xx) with their Number and Functions. The links will take you to their Pin Out Diagrams. As a Physics student I always felt the need of a quick reference hand/pocket-book while carrying out the practicals in my electronics lab. So I took some time out to build an App(only for windows OS/phones) that would provide the details of each IC quickly and beautifully.  If you like the idea here is the link to the app:Microsoft Store Page

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NUMBER Function
7400 Quad 2 input NAND gates
7401 Quad 2-input NAND gates (open collector)
7402 Quad 2-input NOR gates
7403 Quad 2-input NOR gates(open collector)
7404 Hex inverters
7405 Hex inverters(open collector)
7406 Hex inverter buffer driver
7407 Hex buffer-drivers
7408 Quad 2-input AND gates
7409 Quad 2-input AND gates (open collector)
7410 Triple 3-input NAND Gates
7411 Triple 3-input AND gates
7412 Triple 3-input NAND gates(open collector)
7413 Dual Schmitt Triggers
7414 Hex Schmitt Triggers
7416 Hex inverter buffer-drivers
7417 Hex buffer-drivers
7420 Dual 4-input NAND gates
7421 Dual 4-input AND gates
7422 Dual 4-input NAND gates(open collector)
7423 Expandable dual 4-input NOR gates
7425 Dual 4-input NOR gates
7426 Quad 2-input TTL-MOS interface NAND gates
7427 Triple 3-input NOR gates
7428 Quad 2-input NOR buffer
7430 8-input NAND gate
7432 Quad 2-input OR gates
7437 Quad 2-input NAND buffers
7438 Quad 2-input NAND buffers(open collector)
7439 Quad 2-input NAND buffers(open collector)
7440 Dual 4-input NAND buffers
7441 BCD to Decimal decoder nixie driver
7442 BCD to decimal decoder
7443 Excess 3 to Decimal decoder
7444 Excess Gray to Decimal
7445 BCD to decimal decoder driver
7446 BCD to seven segment decoder drivers(30V)
7447 BCD to seven segment decoder drivers(15V)
7448 BCD to seven segment decoder drivers
7450 Expandable dual 2-input 2-wide AND OR INVERT
7451 Dual 2-input 2-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates
7452 Expandable 2-input 4-wide AND-OR gates
7453 Expandable 2-input 4-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates
7454 2-input 4-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates
7455 Expandable 4-input 2-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates
7459 Dual 2-3 input 2-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates
7460 Dual 4-input expanders
7461 Triple 3-input expanders
7462 2-2-3-3 input 4-wide expanders
7464 2-2-3-4 input 4-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates
7465 4-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates
7470 Edge-triggered JK flip-flop
7472 JK master-slave flip-flop
7473 Dual JK master-slave flip-flop
7474 Dual D flip-flop
7475 Quad latch
7476 Dual JK master Slave Flip Flop
7480 Gates full adder
7482 2-bit binary full adder
7483 4-bit binary full-adder
7485 4-bit magnitude comparator
7486 Quad EXCLUSIVE-OR gates
7489 64-bit  random-access-read-write memory
7490 Decade Counter
7491 8-bit shift register
7492 Divide-by-12 counter
7493 4-bit binary counter
7494 4-bit shift register
7495 4-bit right-shift-left-shift register
7496 5-bit parallel-in-parallel-out shift register
74100 4-bit bistable latch
74104 JK master-slave flip-flop
74105 JK master-slave flip-flop
74107 Dual JK master-slave flip-flop
74109 Dual JK positive-edge-triggered flip-flop
74116 Dual 4-bit latches with clear
74121 Monostable Multivibrator
74122 Monostable Multivibrator with clear
74123 Monostable Multivibrator
74125 Three-state quad bus buffer
74126 Three-state quad bus buffer
74132 Quad Schmitt Trigger
74136 Quad 2-input EXCLUSIVE-OR gate
74141 BCD-to-decimal decoder-driver
74142 BCD counter-latch-driver
74145 BCD-to-decimal decoder–driver
74147 10/4 priority encoder
74148 Priority encoder
74150 16-line-to-1-line-multiplexer
74151 8-channel digital multiplexer
74152 8-channel data selector-multiplexer
74153 Dual 4/1 multiplexer
74154 Dual 2/4 demultiplexer
74155 Dual 2/4 demultiplexer
74156 Quad 2/1 data selector
74157 Decade counter with Asynchronous clear
74160 Synchronous 4-bit counter
74161 Synchronous 4-bit counter
74162 Synchronous 4-bit counter
74163 8-bit serial shift register
74164 Parallel-load 8-bit serial shift register
74165 8-bit shift register
74166 Parallel load 8-bit serial shift register
74173 4-bit three state register
74174 Hex F Flip-flop with clear
74175 Quad D flip-flop with clear
74176 35-MHz presettable decade counter
74177 35-MHz presettable binary counter
74179 4-bit parallel access shift register
74180 8-bit odd-even parity generator-checker
74181 Arithmetic Logic Circuit
74182 Look ahead carry generator
74184 BCD to binary converter
74185 Binary to BCD converter
74189 Three-state-64-bit random-access memory
74190 Up-down decade counter
74191 Synchronous binary up-down counter
74192 Binary Up-Down counter
74193 Binary Up-Down Counter
74194 4-bit directional shift register
74195 4-bit parallel access shift register
74196 Presettable Decade Counter
74197 Presettable binary counter
74198 8-bit shift register
74199 8-bit shift register
74221 Dual one shot-Schmitt trigger
74251 Three-state 8-channel multiplexer
74259 8-bit addressable latch
74276 Quad JK flip-flop
74279 Quad debouncer
74283 4-bit binary full adder with fast carry
74284 Three-state 4-bit multiplexer
74285 Three-state 4-bit multiplexer

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