(noun) Meaning: a robbery especially an armed one, eg: When someone enters a store or a bank and asks for money at gun point; theft
**Note** though it just means a robbery, but usually it is used to describe a planned and pre-meditated robbery, like a bank heist
Modification: (verb) to rob, steal ; eg.: he heisted the car


image sentence: A professional burglar was able to heist a box of jewelry from the safe in the closet.

image sentence: The dogs are pulling off the perfect heist to procure food from the kitchen.

Synonyms: steal, rob, lift, snitch, thieve, grab, rip-off


Other sentences with the word heist in them/ How to use ‘heist’ in a sentence?

1. An armed robber killed a bank guard in an attempted heist.
2. The authorities doubt whether the hacking case is connected to the information heist.
3. He is currently working on a book about the world’s largest unsolved art heist.
4. John’s first organized heist leaves him so miserable that he drops out of the gang.
5. The bikers gang committed the heist of the century, when they were able to successfully steal the Queen’s Diamond.
6. A professional burglar was able to heist a box of jewelry from the safe in the closet.
7. It was the largest jewelry heist in the city’s history.

First Known use/Origin: mid 19th century (originally US): representing a local pronunciation of hoist.

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