Five Places To Visit in Pune with your Family

I visited Pune with my family during my Summer Break. We visited many places during the short time that we were. I don’t know if we could have scheduled it any better. So I have compiled a list of places that one should definitely visit with their family, especially if they have very little time and want to cover as much as the places as possible.

Shirdi: Shirdi, earns the top spot in the list for being the best family outing. It is the most popular temple of Sai Baba in India, and one has got to visit it at least once in their lifetime. The best part is that on the way back you can also visit one of the Asht Vinayaks. So you would be able to cover two important places efficiently. Remember: You would need at least a whole day if you are visiting it during holidays. There is a bumper crowd at this destination and if you aren’t a VIP then the waiting line can be tiresome. So I would suggest that you leave early in the morning say, 5 am. It may take up to a whole day during holidays so there won’t be much time left for anything else. But if you get free early you can check out the malls like Phoenix, Central etc.Shirdi from outside temple


The Zoo: Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is a very escape from the daily life pollution. The place is huge with a large variety of animals including the White Tiger, Leopards, Bears, Alligators, tc. You may want to start by taking a left as you enter the zoo, which will take you to the Reptiles section. From there you can follow the crowd. Here are some of the pictures of the animals that I took. You will be able to completely explore this place in not more than 2.5 hrs at the most.


Dagdu Seth Mandir (Ganesh Temple): This is a small yet beautiful temple right in the middle of the city in the market area. The crowd is decent so it won’t take up much of your time. It is named after the man who built it. I wasn’t able to take any picture as it was prohibited. But it is a must visit if you are a Religious Hindu. Note: There isn’t any parking so I would recommend that you take a driver with you or use a taxi. As a matter of fact it would be best if you book a cab for whole day. That’s what we did. And the driver will show you around and you won’t have to worry about parking either.

Shanivaar Wada(Fort): Very near to the Dagdu Seth Temple; it is a decent Picnic spot, if you are in the mood. Nice Parking too.

Amanora Town Centre and Other Malls: This(Amanora) is probably the largest and the most beautiful Mall of the city. With beautiful gardens and fountains it is also a decent spot to go with your family in the evening.

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