Is Free Hosting for REAL?

The answer is Yes!
There are plenty of companies/websites out there, providing free hosting and great site uptime of up to 98%. My personal favorite that I have been using for years without any problems is
Free hosting
This site is incredible! It provides quality hosting services, for which other sites demand money, for free. Yes there is no catch. You get a 10 GB storage and unlimited e-mails and a 100 GB bandwith for a month. Now let me break the entire services out for you, one by one, with the terms and conditions that they apply.

1. Storage: you get 10 GB storage with a single account for your website, which frankly speaking is more than enough, unless you are
going to set out on a venture of the likes of Whatsapp or Facebook or anything that would require huge memory storage.

2. Unlimited E-mails: You can create an unlimited no. of e-mails on your domain. Just a little catch, one e-mail account only gets 50 mb space and you cannot increase it.So though it may not be good for receiving mails but it sure can be used to send e-mails to your clients.

3.Unlimited E-mail forwarders: To solve the problem of receiving a lot of mails, the 1freehosting provides unlimited E-mail forwarders on your domain. In case you don’t know what an E-mail Forwarder is: It’s pretty simple actually. What you do is that you create an e-mail on your domain, ex: [email protected] and then you redirect it to your existing E-mail accounts on any of the Mail Services, ex: Gmail, Outlook, etc.   This way if anyone sends an E-mail to [email protected] then it is redirected to your existing e-mail where you have practically unlimited storage. Remember, you can’t use an E-mail forwarder to send E-mails.

4.You get a practically unlimited bandwidth of 100 GB/month. Can you exceed it? Not unless your website is very and I mean very popular. If you exceed this bandwidth then you are probably already earning enough revenue to buy a professional hosting service. What the bandwidth available for your site means? Well every time someone visits your site they the browser downloads the images and content on your website. For an average website without any videos the browsers will not download more than 2 MBs per page. So this way you can afford about a 50,000 visitors to your site. This is really not what you are expecting if you are only starting out as a web developer. So no need to worry about that now. And as I said before, if this seems less for you then you are probably more than capable to afford a good Hosting Service.

Free hosting

5. Auto Installers: Some very popular website owners out there don’t have much knowledge about website development and coding. But are still doing well because of the wonderful auto- Website makers and soft wares. 1freehosting also provides many CMS, Blogging, Ticket booking, Photo gallery kind of website installers. The most popular and versatile being WordPress. 1freehosyting provides an auto-installer where you can install programs like WordPress and others with a click of a button.

Note: Since 1freehosting only provides linux servers so you have to work on c-panel. (Don’t worry if you don’t understand what a C-panel is, this piece of information is for more experienced readers.)

Hope you got what you were looking for. If you still have some questions or want more clarifications, just leave a comment.
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