Assembly Language Program for Parity of a Hexadecimal No. (8085uP)

intel 8085 mp programs complete list
Here is the complete Lab Write-Up of the Program to find out the parity of a number. I have embedded the complete Word File below. You can download it and then edit it. I have also attached the links to the pdf version of the file.

Click here to Download the pdf version of the file.

If you are studying Microprocessor Programming, then you probably will need more Programs.
Check out the program to add two no.s by Clicking Here. Browse the site for more.

Download the complete list of Programs in PDF and DOC formats:microprocessor 8085 basic programs with algorithms and flowcharts

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New to 8085uP Programming? Check out the following video to earn how to enter hex codes andexecute a program in 8085 uP kit.

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