Top 7 Books for studying Digital Systems and Design (For Bachelor Courses)

Digital Design is a pretty easy subject if your concepts are clear and you have a background in computer programming. However there are some concepts that need some detailed and powerful explanation. In this post I am listing the books on Digital design and Systems in a descending order of preference. Meaning if it is ranked 1 then it has the highest preference level and you should go for it.

Just a quick note: Being a Physics Honors student of Delhi University, you can trust me when I suggest you a book and also that the following books will cover your semester syllabus for this subject.

1. Digital principles and Applications By Malvino Leach and Saha
This is a wonderful and most probably the best book as far as I am concerned for studying this subject at Undergraduate Level. It provides good explanations of all the key topics and is based on the traditional conventions of naming and diagrams.

2. Digital Fundamentals By Floyd
Another great book full of illustrations and good coverage of most of the important topics. This book has a really good feature, that after each important section, they tell us the practical/real-life applications of the topics that are taught.

3.  Digital Systems by Ronald Tocci
I came upon this book in my library. It is also suggested for reading in the University of Delhi Physics Honors Syllabus. This book is written in an unconventional way, so the diagrams may take moment to grasp but it is good for practicing.

4. Digital Fundamentals by Floyd and Jain
This  a kind of a revised version of Digital Fundamentals by Floyd. It has been structures so that it is better suited for Indian Students. Many friends in my batch have given it great reviews. It also among the top books recommended by the Professors.

5. Digital Design with an Introduction to Verilog by Morris Mano
Though it’s on number 5 in the list, it’s still a great book. It isn’t at the top as it isn’t best suited for my syllabus. As a matter of fact when I was first introduced to the subject of Digital Design, I googled what books to buy, and it was pretty popular among students. I still read it whenever I have time in the library.  Here’s a link from where you can buy it at a very cheap price.

6. Digital Logic Design by Brian Holdsworth
Another great piece of work. To the point approach. Covers almost all the key topics. Not the best but still Recommended.

7. An engineering approach to Digital Design

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