Ten WordPress Plugins That made my Life Easy

1. Jetpack by WordPress.com
This plugin is essential for those who want to increase the features of their WordPress blog or want to retain the features they got in wordpress.com blogs. You see the blogs created on WordPress.com get some special features like Publicize, Infinite Scroll, Special Comment System and tons of more features. But when you build your site using WordPress.org, then you miss these features if you have already experienced and used them. That is why this blogs comes in handy.
The best feature among so many great features would be the site stats. Using this you get a detailed analysis of your site stats, including the names of the countries from where you got your visitors.
Here is a screenshot of the features that the Plugin offers.

Wordpress Jetpack Plugins
WordPress Jetpack Plugins

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2. All in Favicon: This Pluginis essential to give a professional look to your site. If you don’t know what favicon is?, It’s the small icon that you see in the address/URL bar of your browser, e.g for facebook its a small blue colored ‘f’ and google has a small’g’ favicon. This site has a green ‘B’ favicon. All you need to do is come up with an image that you want to use as your favicon and then simply put the url of the image in the plugin settings. It works neatly. Though it isn’t yet tested for the 4.0 version of WordPress, I haven’t had any issues yet. So I assure you it’s safe.



3. All in one WP Security : This is the most essential and most powerful plugin, when it comes to making your site secure from attacks. It provides a gazillion features from protecting your databases, htaccess, limiting login attempts, captcha login, ip lockdown and much more. Your site becomes almost invincible if the plugin is used properly.


4. Comments Evolved for WordPress : This plugin provides a unique and elegant, hassle free comment solution for your site/blog. Users can comment using facebook, googleplus, wordpress and many more pplatforms. Unlike Disqus it also allows you to choose, how many ways you want your users to comment. For example, you can either only use one of the comment system or use many of them as per your liking.
P.S: This site also uses this plugin, so you can check it out by leaving a comment here. 🙂



5. Scroll Back to Top: It’s pretty much in the name. If you want to provide your users a good hassle free experience then you can try it out. Its provides many customizations for the arrow button. You can also design and place It according to your taste. It is used on this site. Its the small transparent arrow on the bottom left corner of the screen.


6. Shortcoder: Again if you are more than just a rookie/novice then you know what shortcodes are and would know what to use this plugin for. Why it made my life easy? Cuase the theme I am using won’t let me add scripts to the banner. And I wanted to place google ads on it. So I created a shortcode of the script using the plugina and then placed the shortcode in the banner and it worked Perfectly.

7. WordPress SEO : As the name suggests, its only purpose is to Optimise your site for Search Engines. Its popular name is WordPress SEO by Yoast. It not only makes your site better for search results but also for social networks. It provides option to edit the keywords and add a featured image that will be shown when the post is shared on social networks. It also rates your website’s SEO score.

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8. Limit Login Attempts: Apart from All in 1 Wp Security which provides many features there is this plugin. It will lockdown an IP address for 20 min if it suspects it. You can customize it further to suit your needs. I used to use All in 1 Wp security, but one day while creating a site for my client, it behaved funny on his site. So I had to use this plugin. and sincerely I have been in love with it ever since. It’s sole purpose is to prevent any Brute Force attacks.



9. WordPress Importer: Its really handy while migrating from one host or server to another. Or if you want to import your posts from your another blog.


10. Google XML Sitemaps: It generates neat sitemaps. You can then submit the url of the generated site-map to the google/ bing webmasters. It’s main purpose is SEO.




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