2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for Blue LED

The Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2014 was announced today on 7th October. It has been jointly awarded to three pioneers,  Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and  Shuji Nakamura  for the invention of efficient blue light emitting diodes which make bright and energy saving white light sources possible.
The Prize amount, SEK 8 Million will be shared by the laureates equally. This year also marked the 275th anniversary of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Here is an attachment of the original document released by The Nobel Prize.org.
The Red Led was invented around early 1960s and thenn a few years later green Leds were also invented. But the Blue Led was difficult to make. They arrived in 1990s. Their invention made the mixing of the three Leds to produce white light possible, which was demonstrated in the Nobel Prize winning Presentation.

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