How To Check Parity of a No. using Intel 8085 Microprocessor?

intel 8085 mp programs complete listMem. Addr. Mnemonics         Hex Codes  Comments

2000    XRA, A                           AF         Clear register A
2001     MVI B, 32                      06         Load in Reg. B the no. whose parity is to be checked(32)
2002                                             32
2003     MVI C,00                      0E         Initialize Reg. C
2004                                             00
2005     ADD B                            80         Perform an operation so that the flags are affected
2006     JPO 200A                     E2         Jump if Parity is Odd to Address 200A
2007                                             0A
2008                                             20
2009     INR C                             0C       Increment C if Parity is Even
200A     MOV A, C                      79       Move the content of C in Accumulator
200B     STA 2050                      32       Store the result in Address 2050H
200C                                             50
200D                                             20
200E     HLT                                76

The above Program would store 1 at 2050H mem. Addr. If the Parity is Even and 0 if the parity is odd. In the above case we have taken the no. to be 32 which is (100000) in binary, hence has odd parity. Note: Parity is the number of 1’s in the circuit.
Input: (52)10 =(110100)2
Output: 0 (as it has odd no. of 1’s i.e. Odd Parity)

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2 thoughts on “How To Check Parity of a No. using Intel 8085 Microprocessor?

  1. what is the need to do ex or A initially . and how A is cleared with ex or ? please explain . and is there any other methor to clear a registor ?

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