Why is DU toying with the students’ Future?

The latest controversy regarding the infamous FYUP( Four Year Undergraduate Course) is here. The course which has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past year has yet again struck a nerve among the students. Physics (Honors) students especially, are the most affected by the latest issue.
The issue is that, the famous IIT-Jam exam, that undergraduates take to qualify for post-graduation from top colleges, requires the students to have studied at-least two Math papers over two semesters or one Math paper over a year, depending on the semester or annual course, to be eligible to sit in the exam.. But due to the latest restructuring of the FYUP course, the students are being taught only one Math Paper in one of the semester of their 3-year course.

Physics (Honors) students are quite confused over this issue and consulting their Professors. This is very unprofessional on the part of DU(Delhi University), one of the premiere Universities of the country.
Students are signing pleas and planning to protest after holding meetings with the concerned officials and Students Union. The students demand the officials to provide explanations and thus relieve the students already under stress, due to the recent restructuring of the program.
Among other problems the students are facing, is the over burdening schedule of classes. Mostly 3 labs per week are more than enough for students. But in some of the courses, for example: the students of Chemistry and Biomedical Science, in one of the colleges, have been assigned 4-5 labs per week, making the pressure of studies unbearable for the students.
If you are a Delhi University Student, and suffering from similar problems. Please share your experience in the comments below. Share it among your friends and ask them to check out the eligibility criteria of IIT Jam for their respective subjects, and if their course meets it or not.

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