(verb) Meaning: to join pieces together by joining or intertwining(as with ropes wires and so on)

Pronunciation: (SPLYS)

Square knot splice meaning
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image sentence: A square knot is a very effective way to splice two ropes together.

Synonyms:  interweave, plait, braid, knit, mesh

Antonyms: N/a

Other sentences with the word Splice/ How to use Splice in a sentence?

  1. A Western Union splice is the most elegant as well as the strongest wire splice.
  2. In a pigtail splice, the bare ends of two wires are twisted together, and then hot solder is applied.
  3. A square knot is a very effective way to splice two ropes together.
  4. Once they’d recorded those we made tape loops of certain sections, then spliced the whole thing together.

5.  Splice is usually significantly stronger than a knot and is intended to be permanent

First known use /Origin : obsolete Dutch splissen; akin to Middle Dutch splitten to split; First Known Use: circa 1525


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