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Today was an unusual day. I got up at about 11 am. It’s alright as last night I went to sleep at 4 am and it’s vacation. Now as I have already mentioned in my previous blogs, I am very busy these days with my website: So I spend a lot of my time just sitting in front of my laptop tapping the keys and clicking the mouse buttons. So as I was having my breakfast I turned the TV on and saw a show on Discovery Science. It’s my favorite Physics show called, ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’. They discuss all kinds of on going theories and debates on this show. Anyways, so, today’s topic or theme was ‘Is Gravity an Illusion’. Believe me the show was intriguing as the title and gave me  a lot of ideas and puzzles to think about. I will be doing a full detailed post on this ‘Gravity- illusion concept’ thing later, so there is something to look forward to if you are interested in that kind of stuff. I have always admired physics and the way Physicists work, so it is no surprise that I have chosen Physics as my major.

Umm the rest of my day was a very hectic one. I have been staring at my laptop screen for almost 12 hours in a row now. The reason for so much work is this website. I am constantly thinking about ways in which I can improve it or it’s features. And that makes me insane, cause no matter how much you try there is always some room for improvement.

Anyways, my hunger for perfection has finally paid off or at least I would like to believe so. After constant brain storming myself I have finally given this website a complete makeover. The reason for such a dramatic and drastic change is quite simple, ‘Cause I  desired so’ . Haha. Well the previous layout/ template was great but I needed to tweak it a little bit. But the input that it required was just too much. As being a full time Physics student I can’t afford a lot of time for my part-time project.(It’s part time only in theory, The truth is I spend almost all my time for its development.) But anyways as soon as College re-opens I won’t have much time for it and so I needed a more simple yet elegant layout for my website. And now I am almost satisfied with how the things are. Just need to make a few more decisions regarding the site and in no time I will have more time for my first love Physics.

Wow! I am really loving this new layout. Aren’t you?  Well I am and hope that you are too. It’s really amazing how I had almost given up and decided to stick to the previous version. But thank God I tried harder and finally things are working out the way I wanted.
It’s 2.30 am now and I should really be sleeping. I guess I will listen to couple of ‘Pierce the Veil’ songs before I go to bed.

If you are liking the current website layout please do comment and recommend me some suggestions. I would be grateful to you.
PS: You can also post a physics problem if you want (I know it’s off-topic but one can’t leave physics out of the picture, can one?)


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