How is your Vocabulary?


How is your Vocabulary? Do you find it exceptional, good or do you feel lost sometimes when talking to someone / watching a movie/ reading a novel/newspaper. Well however good you may think you are there is always room for improvement. And here at I am going to provide you that opportunity to improve your vocab in a way that you it will last longer and you won’t forget the meaning of the words as easily as you have been forgetting them till now.

The method that I will be using is of a visual image. It is no secret that our subconscious mind does half of the thinking for us. And it will be pretty good if we could somehow enter the meanings of the words into this subconscious mind of ours. Now the thing to remember here is that the sub-conscious mind only remembers ‘Odd/Out of usual nature’ things and ‘Visual images’. Using these two key points I have made this Visual Dictionary.

Now why is this Visual Dictionary different or unique or better than others available in the market? The answer is simple and three-fold.
1. It is FREE.
2. It is not one of those visual Dictionaries where they only have Noun words for which there is an image and simply give you the photo of a fruit or plant. My Dictionary is a lot better than that. It has a huge database of words and the words are given with an image that describes a scenario in which the word may be used best. Plus you get 5-10 sentences with the particular word and synonyms/ antonyms and other stuff.
3. Pronunciation. Have you ever looked up a word in a Dictionary and wondered what its pronunciation might be and then been befuddled by the weird signs and notations for the pronunciation of a simple word. Instead I will show you an example of my technique: Exemplis Gratia: abandon (uh BAN dn).

So if you like the above prospects be sure to check out my dictionary. Do check it out even if you don’t cause it won’t hurt and I promise you will love it. And if you do hit the ‘Subscribe’ button and be updated via your e-mail. I promise your e-mail won’t be misused.

Please do recommend me some ideas to improve my dictionary in the comment box below. You can comment via your FB account or use wordpress to comment anonymously but I would need your email for that still. Thanks for your time.

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  1. Hi.
    I want some data related to medical dictionary in csv.
    Do you have some thing which will helpful for me .

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