ANDC (Acharya Narendra Dev College) Student Review

In this blog I will be describing my College and some of the things that I like and dislike about it. The purpose of this blog is to make other college students jealous and help the young freshmen, straight out of High School, in choosing Colleges. There are about 70 colleges in University of Delhi and if you clear Cutoffs of more than one college then choosing the college where you will pursue your higher studies becomes a pickle. Thank God I didn’t have much trouble in choosing college and the choice I made also turned out to be a brilliant one. Now enough of the chit-chat, lets tell you some interesting things about my college, Acharya Narendra Dev.

Things to Like:

  1. Awesome and Dedicated Faculty: The faculty at Acharya Narendra Dev is dedicated to teach the students in the best way possible and help them to excel in their respective fields. The Professors are regular and hardly take a leave and expect the same from their students. They regularly give helpful assignments which will help you prepare for the semester exams.
  2. High-Tech Class Rooms: The Class Rooms are equipped with top quality Projectors that facilitate teaching and make learning better through the Visual Aid. My Physics professors use them to read us some extracts from Famous books or some new research work on the net. It saves time and helps to make the best use of the Lecture time.
  3. High-Tech Wifi enabled campus: This is the best part. In this age of social media and high tech gadgets, the first and foremost thing is all time availability of wi-fi i.e. internet. Even if the students are rather geeky they can make use of it to stay updated with the latest technological research. Students can obtain their usernames and passwords within the first two weeks of joining the college and enjoy the awesome blazing speeds. So make sure you have a smartphone before joining the college to avail this facility.
  4. No rain worries: Yes the monsoon is at the door-steps but we the students of ANDC don’t need to worry about it this year, at-least as long as we are in the college campus. Why? You ask. It’s simple, cause the college recently installed sheds or whatever they call it in all the pathways and grooves so that you don’t get drenched while walking from one building to another for your classes. Plus you save your precious notes from being destroyed by the rain.
  5. Amazing Library: The College has an amazing, well stocked library. Students need to get membership from the library to borrow books. The membership can be obtained within the first fort-week of the new session. You need to give your college Identification Cards to the Library officials and they will stamp it with their logo or something and bang you are a member. I feel like I have strayed away from the topic a little bit. Okay, so why the library is amazing? Cause it has loads and loads of good books. It might not be the biggest library you have seen but it still has all the good books from all the major writers that you may need on your subject. There a lot of limited editions books too which can be only used in the library but still they are great. Now last year there were a lot of new enrollments so there was always a shortage of books to borrow but this year that should not be a problem. Plus most of the students only read those books recommended by the professors but I like to experiment around a bit and explore other authors. As if all this wasn’t enough the library is fully air-conditioned. Which makes it like the best place to chill in this blazing summer.


There are a lot of wonderful facilities like air conditioned labs (only computer labs. Room temperature is preferable for other labs), Water Coolers, Good sport facilities, beautiful gardens and much more.


Hope you like this blog and my college as well. If you have taken admission here this year, I wish you good luck. If you are an ANDC student/ex-student too please tell what you love about ANDC the most in the comments.

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  1. You said you’d also list things that you disliked about the college but you only ended up saying good things XD

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