(verb) Meaning: to act in a way that belittles/ degrades someone

verb: abase; 3rd person present: abases; past tense: abased; past participle: abased; gerund or present participle: abasing


The cruel boss abased his employee in-front of her colleagues.
The cruel boss abased his employee in-front of her colleagues.

Image Sentence: The cruel boss abased her employee in-front of her colleagues.
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Synonyms: Humble, demean, lower, belittle, dishonor, shame, diminish, disgrace, reduce, degrade,
put down, humiliate

Antonyms: build up, improve, raise, dignify, respect, esteem, grow, praise, value, honor, flatter, extend

Other sentences with the word Abase / How to use Abase in a sentence?

  1. I could not hold my tongue when the snobby customer in front of me tried to abase the salesperson by screaming at her.
  2. When the Normans conquered England in 1066, the Saxon nobles were abased and replaced with Normans.
  3. The lazy soldier was abased by an officer.
  4. She won’t abase herself by listening to his criticism
  5. Although Alice bullies smaller kids at school, she does not abase her younger brother at home.
  6. Realizing he had said the wrong thing in front of the king, he fell on his knees and tried to abase himself.
  7. When my brother behaved badly, my mother would abase him by comparing him to a bad puppy.

First known use of the word Abase / Origin of the word Abase:  1800

late Middle English: from Old French abaissier, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + baissier ‘to lower’, based on late Latin bassus ‘short of stature’. The spelling has been influenced by base2.
Other words related to Abase: KO, Fell, Overturn, Throw down, damage, cut down injure
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