Meaning: taken by surprise, unexpected

The Dog was take aback when the cat told him that she was pregnant.
The Dog was take aback when the cat told him that she was pregnant.

Image Sentence: The dog was taken aback when the cat told him she was pregnant.
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Synonyms: Bewildered, confused, embarrassed, humiliated, ashamed, bugged, crushed,
mortified, fazed, confounded

Antonyms: Clear, understanding, composed, oriented, proud, at ease

Other sentences with Aback:

  1. I was more than taken aback by this tribute.
  2. But I was so taken aback by this new act of kindness that I could not say a word.
  3. My point is that people want opinions, but are usually taken aback by what they here.
  4. But others involved in the negotiations were taken aback by his optimism.
  5. Suddenly, glancing up at the dim cloud of sails above, I saw that we were aback and making sternway.
  6. Completely taken aback by the neighbors’ announcement that they were moving.

First known use of the word Aback: before 12th century

Other words related to the word Aback: unaware, suddenly, dumbfounded, stunned,
stupefied, abruptly, amazingly, surprisingly

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