Yes finally i have started work on my latest project. Can’t really tell you what it exactly is but you will see it as i slowly begin to work on it. I have been thinking about it for a long time now. I did a lot of research on a variety of softwares that i will be using to create and publish my site. I know some of you will think like so here’s another guy who just uses the website templates and apps like Dreamweaver and WYSIWYG and thinks that he can make professional websites. And some tech people will also say that one can only make good websites by writing his code himself and all that crap and will give some good points like if we use fancy web publishing software and sites then our website won’t be browser friendly(which is wrong btw, in fact some of the most user friendly websites can be made if the person who’s making them is not a pro level programmer) or seemingly slow and it will not work good and Blah Blah Blah…. But I know all of that, I even know xHtml-CSS, JavaScript, php and other useful stuff that should be enough to get me a pretty good website up and running. But the thing is it’s a lot of work at least for me as I have got a college to attend and other things too. But I like publishing websites so much that I can’t stop myself from publishing sites. So I have decided to follow a simple idea and here’s how it goes- I decided to make a template for my website using a kind of WYSIWYG editor(it stands for What You See Is What You Get in case u didn’t know) as it’s so easy to generate a good background or skeleton for your website with that and then bring into use my knowledge of html and JavaScript to make some of my features and add them to my site. It’s a pretty good way as it saves a lot of time. And this is how I intend to make this website. I hope you also find my idea good and maybe if you like it and have a problem like I have then you can give it a try. If you are an amateur and don’t have any skills in programming then I will be happy to help you. (Btw I have pretty good knowledge of C, C++, and Java and some basic knowledge of Python as well but I hope to master it soon as it can come in use for web publishing projects). So I guess I will conclude now(don’t wanna make it too long to read). If you find this article or me interesting then please like this post and +1 too and you know if it’s not too much to ask share it and maybe sign-up for my newsletter. I will be writing some pretty good articles soon on various topics like- Web Publishing, Hosting, Gaming and games reviews and maybe some sports stuff I guess and I definitely won’t spam you. So see you later in my next post.

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