(adjective) Meaning: showing that you disapprove of or do not like someone or something : showing disrespect or scorn for someone or something

**note**: The thing to remember about ‘sardonic’ is that what differentiates it from other words meaning something similar is that it always comes with a dark humour and a sense of disdain. You can almost see the contemptuous curl of the lip. The nouns you will see most frequently preceded by ‘sardonic’


angel costume kid girl refrain sardonic sarcastic
image sentence: The kid gave her mother a sardonic look when she dressed her up as an Angel.

image sentence: The kid gave her mother a sardonic look when she dressed her up as an Angel.

Synonyms: mocking, cynical, satirical, sarcastic, ironic


Other sentences with the word sardonic in them/ How to use ‘sardonic’ in a sentence?

1. Obama’s sardonic grin and comments when talking to democrats in congress about using his executive pen on amnesty.
2. He made many a sardonic comment about the state of politics and life in the world, and this is one of his most poignant.

First Known use/Origin:

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