(verb) Meaning: to hesitate or stop before an obstacle; may be used for a pitcher in baseball, where he stops suddenly before throwing the ball;



balking horse before the jump hesitate
image sentence: The horse balked before the jump throwing the poor rider off.
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image sentence: The horse balked before the jump throwing the poor rider off.

Synonyms: resist, unwilling to, hesitate over, baffle, shy from, flinch from, reluctant to, draw back from, dodge

Antonyms: advance, accept, yield, submit, comply

Other sentences with the word balk in them/ How to use ‘balk’ in a sentence?

1. Even the police officers balked to arrest a man of his stature.
2. My dog always balks when he gets the slightest of the hint that I’m going to bathe him.
3. I always balk at commitments.
4. Many people balk at purchasing expensive goods off the internet.
5. People balk at investing their hard earned money in a risky business.
6. Parents often balk at letting their children drive the car.
7. I have a tendency to balk at extra-efforts.

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